Sports Highlights NJ

We Capture Your Talent On Video



Video The #1 Tool Used In The Recruiting Process



We Film Sports Matches to help Players Improve & Teams Win Games.


With Video, we can help Players and Coaches 

analyze their games and training sessions at their own time. 

Our goal

Is for players to develop and move from one level to another.


Sports Highlights NJ will take your game and training experience to another level. 


for a coach

  • Analyze your player performance

  • Develop a player talent 

  • Bring clarity to the players

for a player

  • Grow your talent

  • Inspire yourself

  • Share your moments

For a parent

  • Save memories

  • Share moments

  • Never miss a moment



My Journey

Sports video recording started out as a hobby, but through the years, We‘ve managed to make a difference in many Players' ways of playing the sport they love.


We have also helped coaches by filming games and training sessions.


Filming a game or training sessions has been a win, win, for Coaches and Players, not only you can go back and review any minute of the game, but also analyze specific moment on the game.


Video is a game-changer opportunity for Players and Coaches.  We are visual learners and we learn faster and more efficiently when the visual sense is active.  


Our goal with Sports Highlights NJ digital video recording in New Jersey is to try to grasp the atmosphere and emotion of the moment and have that be reflected in the image of the video we produce. 

Cleats on Soccer Ball





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